Berlin, 09/04/2019
Austrian-based auditing company LICS awards Lengoo two ISO certifications after a detailed audit. The audit comprised evaluations of the technical components — such as the proprietary project software and post-editing software — as well as the human components. During the audit, Head of Operations Anja Höfs, COO Philipp Koch-Büttner, CTO/CPO Maurizio Bellemo, and several linguistics were interviewed and asked to share insights into the existing processes.

One of the first in Europe

As one of the first European language service providers, Lengoo is certified under ISO 18587, covering the quality management processes in the field of machine translation and subsequent post-editing. Lengoo uses customer-specific data to train machine translation networks, allowing for pre-translations of previously unrivalled quality. These are then proofread by professional translators.

“We are delighted by the opportunity to continue providing our customers with the highest-quality translations they have come to expect from us, now also with an ISO certificate. Obtaining these certifications confirms our vision of the future of translation,” says Christopher Kränzler, founder and CEO of Lengoo.

Certification following ISO 17100:2015

The ISO 17100 standard lays down requirements for language service providers. These make it possible to provide high-quality translation services. Specifically, ISO 17100 specifies minimum requirements for

● the handling of all core processes in the field of professional translation services;

● the qualification, availability, and use of resources involved (translators, project managers, proofreaders).

Translations following the 4-eyes principle are a key feature of the ISO 17100 certification. At Lengoo, all translations are always edited by at least one independent specialist translator. This safeguards optimum quality and the highest-possible consistency.

Certification following ISO 18587:2017

The ISO 18587 standard specifies requirements placed on the process in which human post-editors fully edit machine translations, as well as on their core competencies. Specifically, ISO 18587 specifies minimum requirements for

● light post-editing: the machine translation is only slightly revised to guarantee legibility

● full post-editing, with the goal of realizing translation quality on par with human translations.

In the translation processes of Lengoo, only full post-editing is used. We are convinced that every translation we deliver should always be of the highest-possible quality. Regardless of whether the translation was handled by a network and a human, or two humans.

You can find the certificate awarded by the LICS (Language Industry Certification System) here.