Supercharge your own websites and make them speak your brand in nearly all languages of the world. With translations from Lengoo, seamlessly integrated via WPML.

Anyone who has ever created or managed content on the web knows: WordPress is a force hard, if not impossible, to miss. The market leader in Content Management Systems provides services to just over 50 million websites worldwide, yet most of them remain monolingual. One main reason for this being that getting good translations is not as easy as one might think. Lengoo and WPML set out to change this for good.

If you are using WPML for your WordPress Site, you can now order translations from Lengoo via the WPML dashboard. Without even visiting our site, but getting the exact same quality you know from Lengoo. Discover here how easy we made it for you.

With content on the rise, creation and management of a website being easy as never before, and the new integration of Lengoo into the WPML surface, now the time has come to truly go global.

Click here if you have a WordPress page and are looking to have it translated by the Lengoo crowd. Looking forward to bringing your content live in all countries of the world!