This August 16 kicks off the 18th Biennial Machine Translation Summit, held virtually and open to all. Lengoo is proud to sponsor the event and shares two of its top Machine Translation (MT) experts for the tutorials track—Ahmad Taie, Head of Machine Learning, and Jay Marciano, Director of Machine Translation Outreach & Strategy. Marciano will present an Introduction to Machine Translation on Tuesday, August 16, while Taie will deliver Training an industry-grade NMT model: Tips & Tricks on Friday, August 20, both at 9 am ET.

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As an active language provider and developer in the MT field, we want to support those who educate the world on machine learning and machine translation technology. The two tutorials will offer beginners to experienced professionals an opportunity to hear from seasoned experts on how MT works, can be used, and fulfill their business needs.

For those embarking on their MT journey, Marciano will provide background knowledge to help you get the most out of the conference and make informed decisions about investing in MT. Later in the week Taie will dig a few layers deeper and explore the complexity of training an NMT model from scratch while sharing the latest research for an industrial setting.

This year the international conference expects to attract more than 500 attendees with over 50 presentations, tutorials, a panel talk with MT experts, workshops, copious networking opportunities, career mentoring, and a technology showcase and fair. You won’t want to miss this one.  

About Ahmad Taie

As the Head of Machine Learning at Lengoo, Ahmad Taie leads the development of our multilingual Neural Machine Technology systems. He aims for continual improvement, and is responsible for adopting the latest Natural Language Processing research into our technology portfolio.

About Jay Marciano

Jay Marciano has spent the last 23 years spearheading the development and application of MT. Before taking up Director of Machine Translation Outreach & Strategy at Lengoo, he worked in leading MT positions at Lionbridge and SDL. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas (AMTA) and a technical advisory board for Translators without Borders.  

Register for the MT Summit 2021 by August 20 and catch the recordings if you miss the live event.