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Create your own expert AI systems

Our full-stack technology HALOS enables enterprises to build their own fine-tuned language models making the most out of their proprietary data while adhering to state-of-the-art IT security standards.

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We focus on six areas of work and research

research 1

Ask questions on your content

research 2

Generate structured content

research 3

Translate text into over 50 languages

research 5

Transcribe audio and video files (Beta)

research 6

Summarize key insights from any text (Beta)

research 6

Revise the highest level of language (Beta)

Lifelong learning is what makes us human. It is what propels us to greatness and makes us strive to deliver excellence. A future that will see human work augmented with AI needs the same dedication to learning for AI systems and an approach that unites both worlds.

Our solutions

Flow & Plugins

Give access to your fine-tuned language models with Flow, our out-of-the-box productivity tool.

HALOS Console

Take control over your data and fine-tuned language models via an intuitive interface.


Inject the power of your fine-tuned language models into your software and build your own applications.

Integrations & Connectors

Use your fine-tuned language models within your existing software landscape via our pre-built integrations to TMS, CMS and PIM systems.

Professional Language Services

Build up data to train your fine-tuned language model as a byproduct of high-quality, human-revised language services according to ISO standards.

Faster from day one and unmatched over time

Our goal is to empower every office worker with a trusted virtual AI partner. As long-term partner, our systems learn from feedback of your in-house experts and can automate 50%+ of any digital office task.


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