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We create the intersection between human and artificial intelligence.

Why we do what we do

We supercharge language professionals to do what they do best, only better and with the help of AI. The future will see humans and AI working hand in hand so we approach this augmentation of work as an ongoing, virtuous cycle and believe in lifelong learning for both human and AI.

Building AI that elevates specialists to new heights and helps them achieve results better and faster is what drives us. Lengoo focuses on transferring specialised knowledge from the world’s best professionals into custom-trained AI systems.

These AI systems can then support human specialists in their everyday work. But these systems deliver real value only through continuous feedback.

We focus on six areas of work and research

research 1

Study and analysis of human professionals at work.

research 2

Generation of training data and the definition of training parameters.

research 3

Design and training of AI systems that support human professionals at work.

research 4

Pairing of AI systems with human professionals.

research 5

Implementation of an infinite quality assurance feedback loop.

research 6

Lifelong learning and improvement of both human professionals and custom-trained AI systems.

Lifelong learning is what makes us human. It is what propels us to greatness and makes us strive to deliver excellence. A future that will see human work augmented with AI needs the same dedication to learning for AI systems and an approach that unites both worlds.

Neural machine translation, and far beyond

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We develop technology that solves translation for enterprise businesses.

Using our proprietary Interactive Modelling Loop framework, we customise and train the most powerful neural machine translation models and pair them with the world’s top translators.

Together, they form an unrivalled team and deliver a constant flow of high-quality training data for our models.

Our leadership team

We deliver translations where and when you need them

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We make sure you get translations exactly where you need them.

Our smart connections ensure that our process integrates seamlessly into your existing TMS, CMS, or PIM solutions.

We get everything up and running within less than 2 weeks. Ready when you are.


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