Our technology

never stops learning.

Neither do we.

Lengoo is a language tech company

Two hearts beat at Lengoo: one for language and one for technology. More than half of our team members in Berlin, Warsaw, Zurich, Stockholm, and London work in Engineering or Data Science. That’s because we employ machine learning at every single step of the translation process. This helps translators finish their work faster, be more productive, and ultimately have more fun doing their job. And that’s what we care about the most: the people we work with.

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We like to keep AI real

Solving real problems for real customers with real data using cutting-edge technology is what makes us get out of bed in the morning. We take science and research outside of the lab into the real world and create the future of translation – today. We are united in our mission to break down language barriers across the globe.

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Which team do you want to join?


We've got your back

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Benefits you actually enjoy

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. You can choose from a wide array of benefits. How about a gym membership at Urban Sports Club, for example? Your call.

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Bier? Ja, danke, genau...

Worried about your German skills? Not for long. While English is the language we all use during work, we offer subsidised German classes to all employees.

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We’re in this together

The first days are always awkward. No matter if you’re a rocket scientist – or a barista. That’s why we’ll pair you up with a team member who’s been around for some time. That’ll get rid of the awkwardness.

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We help you get settled in

If you join us from outside of the EU, we've got you covered with relocation support. We'll guide you through the process with German bureaucracy and help you decipher those cryptic letters.

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Extra holidays for everyone

Lengoo grants an additional half day off on the 24th and on the 31st of December. That gives you more time to grab those last-minute presents or another round of Glühwein.

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We take fun seriously

When we say “frequent events”, we mean weekly. Oh, and have we mentioned there’s a Späti in our office stacked to the brim with everything you could ever wish for? For free. For you.

Meet the People team

Here’s how we interview future team members

Nobody’s got time for lengthy hiring processes. That’s why we’ve broken it down into three quick steps. We want to get to know you as a professional, but, first and foremost, as a person. And we want to give you the chance to experience what working with your future team members looks like.

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Let's have a chat!

A member of our People team will bring you up to speed on all things related to Lengoo and you’ll exchange insights into what you’re all about. This way, we can align on matters such as requirements, expectations, skills, and culture fit.

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Coding challenge or case interview

Fire up your engines and show us what you’ve got. Prepare your case interview and present it to your future manager. We can’t wait to hear about your thought process and share your creativity.

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Meet your future team members

A job at Lengoo is never just a job: it’s an experience. One that is shaped by the people surrounding you. You will meet some of your future peers for a casual talk.

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Schedule a demo with us now.