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Advantages of working for Lengoo

7 reasons why Lengoo is home to the happiest translators.

advantage 1

Easy and direct communication

Questions often arise during the translation process and these need to be addressed as quickly as possible. On the Lengoo platform, you can directly solicit both the client and our project managers. This saves time and avoids tedious communication chains.

advantage 2

The best MT quality

Post-editing generic machine translation is no fun. Neural MT only really makes sense if the engines are trained with relevant data. That's exactly what we do. You’ll love it.

advantage 3

Optimised processes

We overhauled the entire translation process and made it easier for you as a linguist. Access all relevant documents on the Lengoo platform, stay on top of your metrics, and let us take care of your accounting free of charge. All this so you can focus on what's really important when you translate: the quality of your work.

advantage 4

Never stop learning

The concept of constructive feedback is imperative in our work. We constantly evaluate your translations and communicate with you in a transparent manner if we believe there is room for improvement or if yet another client is satisfied with your work. On top of that, we offer webinars to make sure you really get the most out of your experience with Lengoo and can specialise in new fields.

advantage 5

Smart glossaries and style guides

We provide you with access to all glossaries and QA tools on the Lengoo platform. This helps you ensure a more consistent translation quality while reducing the time spent on translating content.

advantage 6

New forms of work

Truth be told, Lengoo never really sleeps. We are constantly working on new ways to break language barriers for our clients. In the future, we hope to bring subtitling, multi-language files, and voice-over projects on the platform.


Fast and reliable payments

You can count on us. You will be paid once you complete your translation job. You can also chose a payment method that suits you best.


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