Toshiba Memory rebrands globally as KIOXIA

Key Results

3 x faster

Quick project turnaround times

50% cost reduction

Lowered cost and higher consistency

Global rebranding of Toshiba Memory to KIOXIA

Global rebranding of Toshiba Memory

Rebranding globally is a mammoth project

The rebranding of a company is a huge task. Businesses who operate internationally amass vast quantities of content and documents which then need to be adapted and translated. KIOXIA needed not only a new website but also localised newsletters, press releases, new product descriptions, as well as advertising copy for different markets around the globe. KIOXIA took on this mammoth project with the help of Lengoo.

Taking care of all translation work

We help KIOXIA cut costs by using translation data already available within the company while we also ensure consistency of translations.

We have access to over 2,000 linguists spanning a range of specialisms, which made it possible to put together a project team for KIOXIA within a very short period of time. The team consists of linguists native in a range of languages and specialised in technology, marketing, and communication. They translate KIOXIA content with Lengoo's technology from English into French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, and Hungarian. In some cases, our language experts also translated KIOXIA documents into Nordic languages such as Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic, and Norwegian.

After overwhelming success producing all translations needed to support the rebranding, KIOXIA has been collaborating with us for all their translation work since.

Close collaboration ensures quick results

We regularly communicate with KIOXIA via ongoing feedback discussions, and they greatly value our responsiveness. For scheduled newsletters, KIOXIA often needs fast-turnaround translations delivered within 24 hours. Close collaboration with Lengoo means this happens every time without any glitches.

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