HALOS unlocks the power of your data

Your data’s real potential is unlocked by HALOS — your Human-Augmented Language Operating System. HALOS uses your company’s language data to constantly upgrade your fine-tuned LLM. You can use the power of these models in four different ways.


Flow & Plugins

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Your browser-based multilingual AI assistant: Ask questions, generate content, translate text and files (even images!), revise content, summarize content, and transcribe audio or video files. All powered by your secure
fine-tuned LLM. With extensions for Chrome and Edge and plugins for Microsoft 365.

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HALOS Console

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Giving you control of your expert AI systems: Upload, clean and manage training material, organize language assets, and manage the fine-tuning and availability of your organization’s HALOS. The power of AI and large language models is now right where it belongs: in your hands.

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Inject the power of your fine-tuned LLM into your software: Our secure and performant APIs allow you to imbed all the skills of HALOS — Q&A, content creation, text translation, revision, summarization, and video transcription — into your technology stack. Your applications just became language experts!

Integrations & Connectors

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The bridge between your content and Lengoo's technology and services. Our growing list of connectors and integrations into major TMS, CMS and PIM platforms allows you to leverage the power of HALOS and the care of Lengoo’s professional language services from right where your content already resides.

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Professional Languages services

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For your most important content, only professional language services will do! Ensure that your message, branding, style and tone reach your multilingual audience with Lengoo’s great team of linguists and highly experienced project teams. And build up great language assets at the same time!

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Ready when you are

Our solution is up and running within 3 weeks. We develop smart connections and integrate seamlessly into your existing TMS, CMS, PIM solutions or productivity tools. To make sure you get multilingual communication exactly where and when you need it.


Data transfer

You provide us with your language assets: Knowledge data bases, Translation Memory files, termbases, glossaries, and any digitally available monolingual content

Trasferimento dati

HALOS set up

We clean up all provided data and train the initial models with it. The first model is ready to be used in just 3 weeks.

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While your models are training, we also plug in the connections to the interface of your content management — be it TMS, CMS, PIM, or other productivity tools

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Operational kickoff

Shortly before the training and set-up are complete, we conduct a final call to ensure that we meet all your quality and process requirements from the first job, which we then can deliver after just 3 weeks.

4° processo

Let's talk.