E-commerce customer reviews: trustworthy translations pay off

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Westwing inspires people across Europe with creative home and living ideas, furniture, and decorations. As for all e-commerce companies, customer reviews play an important role in the online shop: they ultimately influence the purchasing decision. Lengoo has quickly made authentic product reviews accessible to Westwing’s international target audience in eight languages.

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Multilingual customer reviews

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AI learns language used by consumers

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Authentic translations

Customer reviews for a multilingual target audience

We know how important product reviews are for e-commerce companies like Westwing. These help the target audience make an informed purchasing decision. Think about your last online purchase: did you read product reviews? Surely you did. The Internet has changed the way we buy. Today, a purchasing decision starts with the search for the right product—the “zero moment of truth”.

Customer reviews are the touchstone during the information search stage. These build trust and generate credibility in ways that a product description cannot. Studies have shown that 93% of users search for customer reviews before a purchase. One survey has revealed that 73% of users prefer to read reviews in their native language.

For an international online shop like Westwing, this involves translating 4,000 to 8,000 customer reviews per week in 8 different languages and making them accessible to the target audience. Conveying the credibility of the consumer’s comments from the source language into the target language is the real challenge. Only a professional translation can live up to expectations.

Artificial intelligence learns the language of consumers

Drawing from Westwing’s existing translation data from product reviews, our team of experts trains a customized neural machine translation model. Our technology allows AI systems to detect the full range of unique language features that constitute customer reviews, such as the tone, the typical style, and the distinctive wording used by consumers. 

Thanks to the customized machine translation, our language professionals are in a position to quickly deliver trustworthy customer reviews in 36 language combinations, including Czech, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, German, and Slovak. 

Authentic product reviews in 36 language combinations

Working with Lengoo allows Westwing to promptly offer trustworthy customer reviews on the shop website to its multilingual target audience. We get faster and faster as a result of our Interactive Modelling Loop, which empowers our AI systems to continue learning with the corrections made by human language professionals.

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