Translate on-brand

in nanoseconds

Flow uses your language data to create instant translations with staggering accuracy so you can connect with your global audience in record time.

Want better multilingual content in less time?

Then you need an AI-powered translation tool fuelled by your language style. If your translations require problem-solving, you’re not globalizing your business efficiently.

Stop wasting time with tools that don’t give you the most accurate result.
Translate with a tool that actually uses your terminology. Because “pink” won’t cut it for “magenta”.

Save costs with built-in language resources

Flow learns your brand style by heart, so you don’t pay extra to add it. Your NMT model, translation memories, and term banks are baked into the tool, instantly customizing content with your terminology and style.

Unlock the power of your language data

Your data’s real potential is unlocked by HALOS—Lengoo’s own AI-powered language intelligence platform.

HALOS, a Human-Augmented Language Operating System, uses your company’s language data to constantly upgrade NMT models.

Boost productivity with even better translation quality

Your language data trains your exclusive HALOS unit, which feeds right back into Flow. Watch the quality of Flow surge from the constant stream of your A-grade professional translations.

Translate anytime, anywhere with maximum data security

Breathe easy knowing your data and our servers are stored in Germany, and we’re ISO 9001, 17100, and 18587 certified. A single sign-on feature guarantees you advanced security identical to your company standards. Your data is only between us.

Anyone in your team can translate like a pro

Even with the little things, like knowing you say “total”, not “complete”. Achieve the best result faster with easy editing, and functionality as clean as Swedish water.


Translate whole documents in a click

Change your PDF, Powerpoint, Word, or Excel files' language while keeping your original formatting.

process 3

Choose verified translation alternatives

Validate your translation or find another spin on your segment with approved alternatives from your glossaries.

process 1

Highlight segments for pro-editing

Focus on a highlighted section to quickly apply some customization magic.

process 2

Adjust your translation area

Need more space to play? An adjustable slider lets you polish all your content with ease.

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See Flow in action