Specialist translations, certified according to ISO 17100 and ISO 18587

    lengoo offers first-class, certified expert translations according to ISO 17100 and ISO 18587.

    Quality without compromise

    These certifications follow internationally recognized quality standards and guarantee the greatest quality of translations in agencies across the globe. In addition to our commitment to quality and satisfaction guarantee, both international certifications offer many benefits to our customers. Moreover, they attest to our understanding of quality and the loyalty we have towards our customers, linguists, and employees.

    Our internal quality assurance processes and the demands we place on the qualification and further training of our linguists and employees in many fields exceed the minimum requirements of ISO 17100 and ISO 18587.

    ISO 17100

    ISO 17100:2015 is an internationally recognized quality standard which replaces the European standard EN 15038:2006.

    The ISO 17100 standards regulates translation service providers to ensure the provision of high-quality translation services. In concrete terms, ISO 17100 specifies minimum requirements placed on

    • the handling of all core processes in professional translation services;
    • the qualification, availability, and use of involved resources (linguists, project managers, revisors).
    An important feature of the ISO 17100 certification is the so-called ‘four-eyes principle’ of translations. At lengoo, all translations are edited by at least one different and independent expert translator, to guarantee the greatest possible quality and consistency.

    ISO 18587

    ISO 18587:2017 is an internationally recognized quality standard to ensure the quality of machine translation services.

    The ISO 18587 standard contains requirements placed on the process of full, human post-editing of machine translation output and post-editors' competences. In concrete terms, ISO 18587s specifies minimum requirements for

    • minor post-editing, during which the machine translation is only slightly reworked to make the text legible;
    • complete post-editing, with the goal of creating a translation of equal quality to a fully human translation.
    In lengoo’s translation processes, only full post editing is used. We stand behind the conviction that the quality of each translation that we deliver should always be of the highest possible level. Regardless of whether it was created by a network and a human, or two human linguists.

    Data protection

    You should always make sure that a translation service provider has these certifications during the selection process. Only with these certifications can the protection of your data and high translation quality be ensured.

    lengoo is a translation service provider certified according to ISO 17100 and ISO 18587. We exclusively store data within Germany and only use our proprietary and self-trained networks for machine translation. Only the customers, translators , and revisors working on the projects, as well as lengoo’s project managers, have access to the data. We additionally comply with the strict GDPR provisions. Find out more in our privacy policy.

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