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Civil Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

IT & Software

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Electrical Engineering

Power Generation

Highly accurate technical translations can only be produced by competent specialist translators. To translate complex content, processes, and contexts into another language, a translator needs to have a profound understanding of this content as well. Our translators have the technical knowledge necessary to grasp even complicated technical contexts. This is why we only work with the most qualified linguists available for our technical translation projects, and this is how we guarantee the consistent high quality of our translations. Native speakers whose skills do not reach beyond a good understanding of both the source and target language as well as the respective characteristics of these languages can quickly run get lost in translation. This is why we demand specialist knowledge of the relevant industry sector in addition to expert translation skills.
The correct use of specialist terms is particularly important with technical translations. However, only few translation agencies have the translators with the necessary level of technical expertise on top of a highly competent grasp of the languages themselves. The expert linguists who translate technical texts for lengoo are also supported by our smart technology, which we developed in-house. Translation memory systems and glossaries are used to achieve excellent quality and a high degree of consistency. These also ensure that the terminology used in each industry is correctly and uniformly translated in all of our work. This helps convey the exact meaning of your source text with translations into any target language. From our network of over 1,000 professional translators, we'll find the right expert for your technical translation. During the selection as well as the translation process, we settle for nothing less than the highest degree of accuracy!

Subject Area: Technology & Engineering

The area of Technology & Engineering is organized into various different fields. Our large network of expert translators and linguists includes specialists in the following areas of expertise of technical translation:

IT & Software
IT & Software
Ingegneria civile
Ingegneria civile
Ingegneria meccanica
Ingegneria meccanica
Ingegneria medica
Ingegneria medica
Produzione di energia elettrica
Produzione di energia elettrica

We are constantly expanding our network of linguists. Please contact us at any time if you have any questions.

What do you need us to translate?

Each individual document and every kind of text poses unique challenges for the translator, requiring a careful choice of words and stylistic agility in the target language. We can translate the following types of documents:

Lettere di carico
Documentazione tecnica
Istruzioni per l'uso
Testi scientifici
Documenti di vendita
Localizzazione di software
Attestati di servizio
Informative sulla protezione dei dati personali

All Subject Areas

Our linguists can provide translations in the following fields:

Medizin &

Fachübersetzungen im Bereich der Medizin, Medizintechnik, Psychologie oder Pharmazie

Marketing &

Unsere Experten für Fachübersetzungen im Bereich Markenkommunikation, Marketing, Tourismus oder E-Commerce

Wissenschaft &

Fachübersetzungen für Natur-, Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften sowie Geschichte oder Politik

Wirtschaft &

Finden Sie passende Experten für Fachübersetzungen im Bereich Finanzen, Logistik, Unternehmertum oder HR

Recht &

Fachübersetzungen für Verträge und juristische Texte sowie Patente, Zeugnisse oder Zertifikate

Fashion &

Unsere Experten für Fashion, Kosmetik, Beauty oder E-Commerce sowie Editorial Content

Ernährung &

Fachübersetzungen im Bereich Lebensmittel, Ernährung, Fitness oder Gesundheit.

Kunst &

Fachübersetzungen von Drehbüchern, Publikationen über Musik, Kunst oder Kunstgeschichte

Allgemeines &

Fachübersetzungen von Experten für die Bereiche Familie und Kind, Kindererziehung, Spiele oder Untertitelung

Please contact us directly with any questions your might have about your translation project, or if you need a translation in a subject area that's not listed here.

Our selection process for translators

Only 5% of all applicants make it through every stage of our rigorous selection process.

We receive hundreds of applications each week, and we treat each one with lots of care and an attention to quality. In addition to a personal interview and an intensive analysis of the candidate's documents, our multi-stage selection process for linguists includes a test translation into the applicant's native language and a trial period of several months in which those we select are evaluated according to our zero margin of error policy.

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