The latest Neural Machine Translation technology

Speed up your translation and sharpen your natural language automation strategy

Neural Machine Translation is at the core of Lengoo solutions. Our NMT systems are customised and trained based on individual company data, so each neural network is used just for you. By wielding custom, cutting-edge NMT technology, your enterprise can scale and deploy your content in multiple language combinations at a fraction of the cost.

The latest NMT technology

By training the NMT networks using your language assets, the networks get smarter over time. The language and translation models are specific to your business, meaning high security and privacy of data, plus customisation to your company’s unique language and tone.

The most versatile data processing

The first step in achieving polished translation is data accuracy. Lengoo NMT systems give you unprecedented accuracy, fluency, and efficiency, thanks to our proprietary data processing systems which meticulously clean and process data in many formats from various origins.

Augmented translation

Our NMT networks use cutting-edge technology to provide you with the highest quality output. But we go a step higher. NMT is only a part of Lengoo’s solution—used to increase the speed and efficiency of our expert translators. So you'll never have to worry about the translation quality since you only receive translations completed by professional linguists.

Smarter data sets

We train our neural networks with all kinds of input, not just from translators. First, all human-translated assets undergo rigorous quality assurance. Only then are they sent back to the algorithms for retraining. This ensures that you have only the highest quality translations for training your NMT models. You'll never get the basic post-editing machine translation process.

Language, remastered

NMT models provide our human translators with the highest quality translations. Plus, they enrich and optimise language based on the goal of language assets. Our networks predict what language to use to achieve the right audience for your content. And they'll optimise your text for the utmost clarity.

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