Our screening process for


We only work with the top 5% of linguists

Our selection process for translators

Only 5% of all applicants make it through every stage of our rigorous selection process.

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Intensive testing of the language pairs, highly specific grammar and style questions, with very little margin of error.

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30% of applicants pass Personal interview

We want to understand who our applicants are to figure out their areas of expertise, their interests, and their mindset: we want to get to know the people we work with every day.

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20% of applicants pass Test translation

We test our candidates with a sample translation that fits their respective language pair and area of expertise. This test translation will be assessed by one of our most experienced and trusted proofreaders.

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10% of applicants pass Quality control

Only the best of our applicants make it through the selection process and into a several months long period of testing. During this phase, every translation submitted is rigorously reviewed and subject to our review team's zero-margin-of-error policy.

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5% of applicants pass The top 5%

When a linguist is successfully accredited, we strive for excellence with constant quality checks, feedback loops and training.

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