FT1000: Lengoo is one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies

Hypergrowth has been our constant over the past three years. Once again, we have made it into the "FT1000" ranking by the Financial Times.

FT1000: Lengoo is one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies

Increasing coffee consumption, new faces in morning meetings and at virtual cocktail parties: that’s totally normal for us! Hypergrowth has become our constant at Lengoo over the last three years and in 2020 alone we tripled our headcount.

According to the Financial Times, we are already among the 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe. For the second time in a row, we ranked in the “FT1000”, which the Financial Times publishes each year together with research company Statista.

As we continue to grow, we become even more diverse as a company. Everyone who joins Lengoo brings a unique set of views, experiences, and strengths. The more diverse our team members are, the more successful we become as a whole. Diversity is one of our greatest strengths. “Our values are the foundation that gives us stability while we’re growing”, says Meike, our Head of People. “It becomes even more important that new joiners identify with our values and that we help employees to live them.” Various training sessions, for example our intercultural awareness course, are an integral part of the onboarding process at Lengoo. “This is how we make sure that we’re all in sync right from the start.”

Hypergrowth also means that our knowledge grows and therefore sharing it is key. As individual departments become bigger, the exchange between them becomes more important. Our “intraships”, in which the different teams talk about their tasks and goals, give new joiners insight into Lengoo’s workflow early on. “Knowledge organization and creating transparency is a challenge for any fast-growing company,” says Meike. “It’s a very exciting time to join our team.”The people we want to achieve our goals with are what matter the most. We don't just want to grow. We want to grow together and make AI-augmented translation the new standard for multilingual enterprises. After our last funding round, we are shifting a gear higher: We are expanding and further developing our own NMT framework to make multilingual communication even easier for our customers. We are looking for talented people who want to join us on our mission. Check out all open positions. Here’s a selection of just some of the open positions:


Engineering Manager (m/f/d)

Senior Backend Engineer (m/f/d)

Senior Product Manager (m/f/d)

UX Product Designer (m/f/d)


Enterprise Sales Director (m/f/d) - Germany

Director Sales Operations (m/w/d)


Team Lead Operations (m/f/d)

Senior Operations Manager (m/f/d)

Language & QA Manager French (m/f/d)


(Junior) Recruiter (m/f/d)

People Manager (m/f/d)


Finance Intern (m/f/d)


Marketing Manager (m/f/d)

Country Manager North America (m/f/d)

Editor (EN) (m/f/d)

Email Outreach Marketing Associate (m/f/d)