Turning the tables at Techstars Berlin 2019: from participant to mentor.

Lengoo's CPO and CTO Maurizio Bellemo will join the Techstars Accelerator Program 2019 in Berlin as mentor

Turning the tables at Techstars Berlin 2019: from participant to mentor.
Mar 6, 2019

Berlin, 06.03.2019

As ten new participants for the Techstars Accelerator Program polish their slide decks and tweak their pitches, Maurizio Bellemo is bursting from excitement to see what the new generation of founders has to offer:

"I am excited to see the line between madness and genius start to blur, giving way to true innovation. Mentor Madness is what the name suggests, and I am honored to be a part of it this year, so bring on the madness!" - said Maurizio Bellemo, CTO and CPO of Lengoo

With university degrees in Business and IT from Torino, Barcelona, Tongji, and WHU Vallendar, Maurizio worked as a consultant for big telecommunications companies in Germany and later for skyrocketing Startups in Berlin. To him, bridging the gap between IT and Business is one of the key success factors young founders need to master.

Founding a company is never easy. Successful founders focus on what matters, but never lose sight of the bigger picture. Aligning IT and business can create massive obstacles for young companies. Maurizio is able to think code and bottom line at the same time and can streamline ideas into viable products that work for both. We believe this qualifies him to be an outstanding mentor for new founders.

Lengoo is a Techstars alumni company, and during the participation in the program in 2016 we have found an amazing advisor in Nuno Simaria (Global CTO Hello Fresh) who has helped Lengoo make a huge leap since then. The connections made with mentors and investors during the participation can grow into nurtured relationships that last for years.

"Mentor Madness is the first step of this journey and we are happy to be able to give back to the Techstars community this year. We have no doubt that Maurizio is a great mentor sharing his wit and mindfulness with eager founders who, like us, believe in the Techstars motto: 'Give first!'" said Christopher Kränzler, CEO of Lengoo and Techstars Alumni.

Techstars is for life they said. We agree.