We make AI

work for translation

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Enterprise-grade language services at scale

3x faster
50% cheaper
ISO certified

Faster from the get-go and unbeatable over time

Using a continuous machine learning flow, we deliver enterprise-grade translations at lightning speed because our translators can work faster and faster.


Interactive Modelling Loop

We turn every interaction of your team and our translators into actionable data. We use the data from every single translation job to continuously improve your language models while simultaneously executing frictionless localization processes

Interactive learning

We improve your language models together in constant interaction: With every review by our translators and with all of your quality assurance steps in our shared environment Catch.

We turn data into models

We clean and enrich all your existing content with the latest machine learning techniques. Together with all the interaction data, we turn it into the best possible translation models for you.

Seamless and continuous localization

You require reliable and secure processing of up to hundreds of translation jobs per day. Our closed frictionless loop ensures this while constantly re-modelling the machine translation.

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