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Why work with Lengoo?

Sovereign language models fine-tuned with proprietary data for specific use cases solve the greatest challenges enterprises face with wide-scale adoption of Generative AI

Enterprise-grade accuracy

Smaller (open-source) baseline models fine-tuned with proprietary data for specific use cases outperform large language models by a factor of 2. 

Our sovereign expert AI system approach provides more accurate responses in each organizational context, increasing the degree of automation and trust in our solutions (fewer hallucinations).

Cost & energy efficiency

The size of generic foundation models required to reach acceptable output is economically and environmentally unsustainable. Smaller, specialized custom LLMs can be operated at a fraction of the cost of large foundational models (1% vs. GPT-4, 10% vs GPT-3). 

Our platform shows the best accuracy to cost ratio on the market.

Insufficient in-house capacity

Our easy-to-use end-to-end platform makes the latest LLM technology accessible to non-data scientists. Our target customer has a concrete pain point: the need to produce more output with fewer resources. 

Our full Generative AI Suite provides a solution to decision-makers: increased productivity of their teams or new growth opportunities with just a few clicks.

IT Security & Compliance

The sovereign character of operating your own custom LLMs intrinsically solves IP protection, confidentiality, GDPR, and antitrust issues.

Custom LLMs & closed expert feedback loops ensure independence & full control over data while adhering to the highest security standards.

Lengoo is proudly certified to be compliant with ISO 27001, 9001, 17001, and 18587.

Sustainable competitive edge

Using off-the-shelf foundation models might give you an edge over your competition in the short term, but soon AI will be part of every process in every enterprise. 

To stay ahead, organizations have to use their proprietary data in custom language models to reach a higher degree of automation than the competition.

End-to-end solution

How does it work?

Lengoo’s products and services support you and your Generative AI needs all the way from initial use case idea to large-scale operation

Data strategy

We help you identify and evaluate internal data sources as well as collect, clean and maintain your proprietary data. Whether augmenting your existing data with paid or open-source data sets or creating new data from scratch, we have you covered for compiling robust training material.

Our services

Customization to your needs

From domain-adaptive training with your proprietary data to fine-tuning for your specific Generative AI use cases, our technology supports your needs.

Our products

Scalable deployment and operation

Whether in the cloud or on premises, we make sure that your custom language models service your organization reliably and securely 24/7.

Our services

Easy connection with applications

Make your custom AI solutions available through one of our pre-built integrations or get support from our vetted integration partners in using our powerful APIs within your existing software landscape.

Our products

Continuous improvements and updates

Our product portfolio enables you to keep your custom language models always up to date with new available training data as well as upgrades to the latest baseline models.

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