Enabling AI transformations for 5+ years

We have been training, deploying, and updating custom language models for over 5 years

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hero about us

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We are a team of 80, active in 5 European countries and currently focusing on 5 Generative AI use cases


50+ global industry leaders already trust Lengoo

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Trusted EXPERT AI partner

We are united with our customers in our vision to equip every office worker with a Trusted EXPERT AI partner at work, automating 50% of digital tasks.


Augmenting human office workers automates

50% +

of digital tasks

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Our core beliefs

Lengoo has been founded on four core hypothesis 

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Machine Learning is here to stay. The inflection point is now.

Today AI is already fundamentally changing how we work and will continue to do so.

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Humans & machines are the dream team

Humans and machines will augment and learn from each other while significantly improving the life of humans.

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Natural language is key for the AI revolution

Natural language will play an integral role in teaching machines our knowledge and driving the AI revolution.

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Enterprises will always require customization

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for AI. To make AI work in the enterprise, it is essential to make use of customer-specific data.


Our research areas

We focus our research activities on how to safely operationalize AI in enterprises and drive measurable value

The study and analysis of human professional work.

The generation of training data and the definition of training parameters.

The design and training of AI systems that support human professional work.

The pairing of AI systems with human professionals.

The implementation of an closed expert feedback loop for quality assurance.

Lifelong learning and improvement of both human professionals and custom-trained AI systems.


Strong network of partners and investors

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