Data-driven localization

    Expert linguists and neural machine translation
    from a single source.

    We build custom translation engines for you

    Using your own data to custom-train machine translation engines and a human-in-the-loop process for post-editing puts the smart in your localization flow.
    Our fully automated approach is the solution to today's localization challenges.

    Auswahl der besten Trainingsdaten
    Wir trainieren unsere Engines mit den besten verfügbaren Daten: nämlich Ihren! Diese reichern wir an, mit Übersetzungsdaten, die Ihrem Fachbereich entsprechen.
    Automatisierte Auswahl der Engine
    Die Auswahl der am besten passenden Engine für jeden Übersetzungsauftrag erfolgt vollautomatisiert. Hierbei werden die linguistischen Parameter der Ausgangstexte berücksichtigt.
    Ständiges Training & Re-Training
    Das Training der Engines mit Ihren Daten erfolgt fortlaufend. So gewährleisten wir, dass die Engines jederzeit auf dem aktuellsten Stand sind und die bestmögliche Übersetzung produzieren.

    Your data is precious.
    That’s why we protect it.

    We use your data to train custom translation engines for you only. Your data remains yours at every step and is never shared with third parties.

    One-stop. Full transparency.

    We provide a centralized procurement solution for language services. With delegated accounts, every employee can easily order translations via our central platform, with automatically allocated cost centers and purchase orders. Stay in the know and keep track of your localization budgets.

    Smooth integrations

    Our solution seamlessly embeds into your localization flow and can handle all existing Translation Management Systems and file formats. No more exports and excel sheets - our extensive API takes care of it all.

    One solution for localization

    Highest quality
    Custom neural machine translation technology creates consistent language for your business.
    Full integration
    We embed into your localization flows natively and interact with any tool or process.
    Made in Germany
    All data is stored and protected exclusively on servers located in Germany.
    3x faster
    We supercharge expert linguists with AI technology and deliver translations faster.
    50% cheaper
    Higher pre-translation quality and less time needed for proofreading dramatically reduces effective costs.
    A central platform for enterprise-grade translations with delegated accounts for all employees who need localization.

    Are you ready for
    data-driven localization?