We make AI work for translation
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Enterprise-grade language services at scale

3x faster
Customized AI
ISO certified

On-brand instant translation for professional use

Reach your global audience in record time with Flow—a customized instant translation app that adopts your brand style. Flow lets you and your colleagues read and write with confidence in any language.

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Faster from the get-go and unbeatable over time

Using a continuous machine learning flow, we deliver enterprise-grade translations at lightning speed because our translators can work faster and faster.


Leverage your data with HALOS® technology

Every interaction between your team and our translators is transformed into actionable data. Our Human-augmented Language Operating System learns from this language data and human feedback loops to become better and better over time.

Full Service Translations

Get the most out of your language data in translation services with HALOS® - with your existing service provider or Lengoo.

API & Connectors

Integrate HALOS® directly into any software you want. Use our powerful API or pre-built connectors to major content platforms. We are also happy to develop custom solutions with you.

Real-time translation in Flow

Flow boosts the productivity of any employee in your company when dealing with language in their daily work. HALOS® ensures that it happens on brand and in a secure environment.

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