End-to end 
Generative AI 

Create your own expert AI systems with our full Generative AI Suite, making AI Content Creation, Knowledge Discovery, and Translation available via web app, plug-ins, or API

Out-of-the-box web app

Equip every employee with a trusted expert AI partner to increase your team’s productivity

Ask questions about your content

Flow's Knowledge Discovery feature uses your custom LLM and state-of-the-art Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to answer company-specific questions based on previously uploaded documents. This saves users time and effort in finding the exact information and provides transparency in where the information came from.

Generate content intelligently

Unleash your creativity and craft content with limitless possibilities using free-form prompts — the only boundary is your imagination! Alternatively, you can upload structured data to customize your output for precise needs. For example, effortlessly generate product descriptions by using specifications directly from a manufacturer.

Translate text into over 50 languages

Flow learns your company’s lingo by heart. Your language data streams — like glossaries and translation memories — are baked into the tool, customizing results to your business context, terminology and style.

Transcribe audio and video files (Beta)

Upload a video file to Flow and get back a full transcript of the spoken content, even distinguishing among multiple speakers. Need it in another language? No problem! Flow can translate it for you, too.

Plug & play data and model management platform

Train custom language models with just a few clicks and take control of your expert AI systems

Upload & clean your data

Easily and securely upload your latest data via drag and drop and perform automated data cleaning steps to make sure that your custom LLMs always have the cleanest data for training.

Create Resources

Index your data to make it searchable and automatically merge existing data buckets with newly uploaded files.

Train custom LLMs

Easily train or retrain custom LLMs based on all available or individually selected data with just a few clicks.

Create HALOS® units

Combine different resources and custom LLMs into different HALOS® units to manage confidentiality levels.

Create & manage API credentials

Safely manage API credentials for all your custom built integrations and bring the power of your custom LLMs into your existing software landscape.

Manage users and user groups

Create users individually or via bulk uploads and manage access to specific HALOS® units by assigning them to specific user groups.

Manage applications

Control which user groups in your organization have access to all of Lengoo's associated applications, such as Flow, plug-ins, browser extensions and HALOS Console.

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