Supercharge your company with your own custom and secure language model
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Secure enterprise-grade AI platform

Custom language models
Security made in Germany

Create your own custom language AI with HALOSⓇ

Our full-stack technology HALOS enables enterprises to build their own custom language models making the most out of their proprietary data while adhering to state-of-the-art IT security standards.

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Flow & Plugins

Give access to your custom language models with Flow, our out-of-the box productivity tool.

HALOSⓇ Console

Take control over your data and custom AI models via an intuitive interface.


Inject the power of your custom language models into your software and build your own applications.

Integrations & Connectors

Use your custom language models within your existing software landscape via our pre-built integrations to TMS, CMS and PIM systems.

Professional Language Services

Build up data to train your custom language model as a byproduct of high-quality, human-revised language services according to ISO standards.

Faster from the get-go and unbeatable over time

Our goal is to empower every office worker with a trusted virtual AI assistant. As long-term partner, our systems learn from feedback of your in-house experts and can automate 50%+ of any digital office task.


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