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We leverage your language data to turn your localization program into a revenue driver.

Unlock the power of your language data

Your data’s real potential is unlocked by HALOS—Lengoo’s own AI-powered language intelligence platform. HALOS, a Human-Augmented Language Operating System, uses your company’s language data to constantly upgrade NMT models. You can use the power of these models in four different ways.


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Ready when you are

Our solution is up and running within 3 weeks. We develop smart connections and integrate seamlessly into your existing TMS, CMS, or PIM solutions. To make sure you get translations exactly where and when you need them.


Data transfer

You provide us with all your language assets: Translation Memory files, termbases, glossaries, and any digitally available monolingual content

process 1

HALOS set up

We clean up all provided content and train the initial models with it. The first model is ready to be used for translation jobs after just 3 weeks.

process 2


While your models are training, we also plug in the connections to the interface of your content management - be it TMS, CMS, PIM, or other systems specialized in content management.

process 3

Operational kickoff

Shortly before the training and set-up are complete, we conduct a final call to ensure that we meet all your quality and process requirements from the first job, which we then can deliver after only 3 weeks.

process 4
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