Getting better all the time!

Getting better all the time!
Jay Marciano
Jul 10, 2023

Today, 10 July 2023, marks Lengoo’s fourth major software release of 2023, each one adding new customer-centric functionality to an already pretty compelling tech offering.

HALOS®, our human-augmented language operating system, is the very epicenter of Lengoo’s technology. This platform for building, deploying and improving AI tools uses your organization’s data to train Language Models that are available only to you.

Our product managers and development teams basically focus on two major areas: broadening and improving the fundamental AI functionality provided by HALOS® and improving access to that functionality.

New skill: transcription of audio and video files

For instance, in this release we’ve added automatic transcription of audio and video files to HALOS®, and we’ve exposed that functionality in Flow, our browser-based multilingual communication assistant.

With audio and video becoming increasingly important media for professional communication, this new functionality, or “skill,” as we like to call them, now allows you to automatically generate a transcript from MP3, MP4, WAV, AVI, and WEBM files. From recorded meetings, to podcasts, to training videos, you’re probably watching, listening to, or creating audio and video content daily, and now you can quickly extract the spoken language in those files and access that information in a transcript that includes timestamps and even distinguishes between different speakers. You can edit or translate the transcript directly within Flow and download it in a convenient Microsoft Word or Excel file.  

Updated plug-ins for Chrome and Edge

We’ve also added an icon assistant to our translation plug-ins for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Our updated integrations into the two most popular web browsers not only translate entire web pages – including links that you follow within a site – but now also put the Flow icon assistant at your disposal for translating any text that you highlight on a web page.

Support for Trados Enterprise

This release also includes our brand new Lengoo MT Plug-in for Trados Enterprise. Localization managers can now have Lengoo MT available as a translation resource in their installations of Trados Enterprise, putting the power of custom-trained Lengoo MT model directly into their translation and localization projects.

The plug-in can be configured to pre-populate translation files with MT suggestions for all segments that are not found in the project’s translation memory, or to generate the MT suggestions segment-by-segment as translators work their way through the job. Either way, your translators benefit from the combination of Lengoo MT with the native functionality of Trados Enterprise functionality.

HALOS Console: Putting the power of HALOS® into your hands

Why should we get in the way of your using HALOS® exactly as you see fit? The latest version of HALOS Console puts the power of HALOS® right where it belongs: in your hands.

This release of HALOS Console has an updated interface that provides refined functionality around permissions. So now, in addition to being able to upload and clean data, create language resources, and kick off a training, HALOS administrators can now also:

  • Manage language resources
  • Create and manage users and user groups
  • Provide access to particular skills to users and user groups.

In 2023, we’ve already added three new skills to HALOS®: text revision, text summarization, and now video and audio transcription. And we still have several more releases to go in 2023!

Hint: it’ll only get better!