Lengoo Hackathon: Finding New Solutions Together

We love teamwork. Our Lengoo team has come together for a Hackathon.

Lengoo Hackathon: Finding New Solutions Together
Lengoo Marketing Team
Dec 14, 2020

We love teamwork and have brought our talented group of people here at Lengoo together for another hackathon. Colleagues from Engineering, Operations, Sales, and Marketing formed three teams and took on the challenge.

The participants displayed the utmost concentration as they coded, discussed, and experimented to develop new solutions for internal processes. “A hackathon is like a pressure pot of creativity”, says Maurizio, Chief Product & Technology Officer. “Our teams only had two days to turn their ideas into actual prototypes”.

At the same time, our engineers get the chance to use their creative coding skills. Engineer Ivan is a huge fan of Lengoo hackathons: “It’s a great opportunity to experiment, to learn new things, and also to prove yourself”. In the evening the crew hung out together while enjoying some beers and burgers.

On the second day, the three teams presented their prototypes. Our jury was most impressed by one particular solution: The programmers, designers, marketers, and managers have improved a Lengoo translation tool in a way that makes it even more user-friendly and automated several processes.

The prize for the winners of our Lengoo hackathon: An exclusive cooking class during which an Italian will be teaching them how to make pasta. Mamma mia!