Berlin, June 1st 2022

Lengoo foresees the demand for customized, instant translation for enterprises and entrusts a new CTO to spearhead the next machine-learning movement. On January 1, 2022, the AI-powered language tech provider announced Ahmad Taie will assume the position of CTO. The shift means former CTO and CPO Maurizio Bellemo will center his focus on Lengoo’s digital products as CPO. The Berlin-based tech start-up made these moves to focus their next decade of growth on machine learning alongside their steadfast full-service translation business. After several years of serving a successful professional translation solution to enterprise customers, the company plans to add a suite of next-generation AI apps. The first is their instant translator, Flow, powered by their new proprietary Human-Augmented Operating System (HALOS®).  

“Improvements in technology should be all about making people’s lives better,” says Taie. The relationship between humans and machines is one that drives him and will form the scope of his new role in people management and scaling the company’s language technology. The Egyptian-born CTO has a background in electrical engineering but quickly became curious about AI as it was taking off. He made his way into the Natural Language Processing corner of machine learning and decided to specialize in MT to tackle the challenge of multilingual communication. Unlike other CTOs, his unique machine learning experience puts him in a position to lead the next growth stage of the AI revolution. “Quite frankly, there are only a handful of people in the world with the knowledge of Ahmad in MT,” says Lengoo’s CEO, Christopher Kränzler.

Introducing Flow, the instant translation solution for the enterprise

The launch of their highly customized instant translation app, Flow, marries the company’s two focuses: custom-trained machine translation and innovative machine learning. The app serves a demand for affordable, professional-style translation for diverse users and challenges in global organizations. It’s trained exclusively on each customer’s language data – term banks, Translation Memories – to create the best possible translation quality. Unlike existing instant translation tools that give users a generic translation of specific content, Flow understands an enterprise’s terminology and how to convey nuances in context. Plus, it will never share a customer’s data, and it improves with every single translated word.

This is all thanks to HALOS®, Lengoo’s new proprietary tech behind the app. HALOS® is a Human-Augmented Language Operating System that constantly upgrades NMT models and improves the quality of Flow from the constant stream of Lengoo’s A-grade professional translations. “Flow is a way for us to give customers direct access to our technology and get them involved in developing it, as well as validating and checking the use of their language assets”, says Taie.  

Beyond Flow, Lengoo’s long-term vision is to use language to teach machines our skills so that in the future, every member of the global workforce will have an AI partner that enables them to be better at their job. “The field of natural language will play an integral role in teaching machines human knowledge while ensuring the AI revolution will remain human-centric,” says Kränzler.

About Lengoo

Lengoo has been uniting the creativity of the world’s top linguists with the precision of AI technology since 2014. We’re on a mission to become the world’s number 1 AI-enabled service provider. Our drive is lifelong learning—from the small everyday wonders to the burgeoning growth of machine learning technology. To date, this impulse has served over 3,000 businesses globally, from the likes of Michelin, Hello Fresh, and WWF. Lengoo’s been spotlighted in TechCrunch and Forbes, and in 2021, we featured in the FT 1000: Europe's Fastest Growing Companies.

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